Does HCG Work? What Merchants Are Really Hiding From You…

  • Lose over a pound a day!

Online merchants’ main goal is to sell as many products as possible, but in the end, everything comes to one question: does HCG work?

What do experts have to say?

Are all the amazing testimonials and before/after pictures made up or photoshopped in order to trick prospective customers who really need to lose weight?

Isn’t it immoral and a bit cynical for them to take advantage of one’s suffering in order to get more money?

Let’s go through the pros and cons.

Cons: Forget About It!

“Homeopathic HCG” isn’t FDA approved as a weight loss treatment and is currently classified as illegal. No research has brought any scientific evidence to support its effectiveness or reliability in what weight loss is concerned. Actually, the 500 calorie diet is what causes weight loss. Studies show dieters who stick to a daily budget of 1100 calories are way more likely to obtain the ideal weight and maintain it once they are off the diet.

What’s more, the substance obtained from the homeopathic dilution of “genuine” HCG doesn’t contain enough pure hormone to stimulate the human organism in any way. Therefore, the composition of Internet sold “homeopathic HCG” is unknown. Reduced appetite is also considered to be placebo. Moreover, prolonged use of HCG can lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, a serious complication that can be fatal if its symptoms are ignored. Which brings us to the same question: does HCG work as a weight loss treatment?

Pros: It Works!

Scientifically speaking, it is reasonable to say HCG can contribute to weight loss in both women and men. The contribution of HCG in weight loss was first observed by Dr. A.T. Simeons during the mid 20th century. These observations were made during his research journeys in India, where the British endocrinologist used HCG injections to treat overweight patients with pituitary problems.

In women, HCG tricks metabolism to feed and protect an inexistent fetus using stored body fat. In men, it merely speeds up metabolism, since HCG is naturally present in the male organism as well. These are well-known facts. If these weren’t true, HCG injections wouldn’t be prescribed as infertility treatments for women (HCG is also known to trigger ovulation).

HCG weight loss treatments have been around for quite some time. HCG treatment clinics and testimonials have been trying to prove science wrong. There are many doctors who recommend HCG injections to their patients or use them for themselves and successfully obtain results, such as Dr. Rima Laibow, for example. However, this problem still remains controversial, since both doctors and patients can’t keep from asking themselves: does HCG work?


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