The Ultimate HCG Diet Food List with Calories

  • Lose over a pound a day!

Since the HCG diet aims to a 500 calories daily budget, you may find this complete HCG diet food list of interest. The hormonal shots are not a substitute for a healthy diet, and there’s a tiny chance they’ll be effective if you’re not careful with what, when and how you eat. There are a few things you need to keep in mind about healthy eating habits, regardless of the diet plan you have chosen:

  • Eating less doesn’t always guarantee weight loss. You need to establish a balance between quantity, food type (origin) and timing. Things will only get better for your organism if you get used to eating two or three times a day, at the same hour.
  • Breakfast should always be the most consistent meal, as it will help you get through the day without feeling the urge to have too many snacks in between meal hours. This is why most breakfast skippers get into trouble and end up gaining more weight!
  • Forget about the beef and fries. Replace beef with lean turkey, chicken or fish. Eat fruits instead of sweets.

Check out the HCG diet food list below if you feel a bit lost and don’t know what to choose from:


Quantity Food Calories
100g Chicken breast 150
100g Fish 80
100g Spinach 12
100g Cucumbers 14
100g Tomatoes 20
100g Broccoli 34
100g Cabbage 20
100g Asparagus 32
1 cup Strawberries 46
1 piece Oranges 65
1 piece (medium) Apples 81
1 piece Red grapefruit 77
1 piece Whole egg 76
1 piece White egg 17
100g Grissini bread stick 12
100g Melba toast 12
100g Cube steak 193
100g Lean ground beef 137
100g Sirloin top steak 130
100g Veal 110


Here is an expanded HCG diet food list…



Most fish and seafood meats are high protein, but low fat; perfect for getting the protein you need without the calories and carbohydrates.

  • Flounder: 90 calories
  • Tilapia: 94 calories
  • Halibut: 110 calories
  • Red Snapper: 110 calories
  • Cod: 83 calories
  • Haddock: 88 calories
  • Lemon Sole:116 calories
  • Monk Fish: 96 calories
  • Whiting: 87 calories
  • Shrimp: 110 calories
  • Crab: 100 calories
  • Lobster: 98 calories

Red Meat & Poultry

Lean red meat and some fowl are also high protein, low fat — as long as it’s grilled or broiled rather than cooking with oil. Cut the fat off and remove poultry from the bone.

  • Veal: 110 calories
  • Cube steak: 193 calories
  • Sirloin top steak: 130 calories
  • Top round steak: 130 calories
  • Lean ground beef: 137 calories
  • Chicken breast: 123 calories
  • Turkey breast: 123 calories


  • 1 egg: 76 calories
  • 1 egg white: 17 calories


Many vegetables are low in calories and have carbohydrates that are “complex,” which means they won’t turn into fat like sugar. Spinach, for example, is very low fat and low cal an also full of nutrients and vitamins like iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. It contains protein and fiber — things that will help you feel full. Vegetables like celery, cabbage, and lettuce are full of “micro-nutrition,” which pack more nutrients in for less calories per serving than other foods.

  • Celery: 15 calories
  • Spinach: 20 calories
  • Tomato: 20 calories
  • Cabbage: 24 calories
  • Asparagus: 3 calories
  • Broccoli: 34 calories
  • Cauliflower: 22 calories
  • Cucumber: 12 calories
  • Red radishes: 12 calories
  • Lettuce: 20 calories


At approximately 76 calories per serving, most fruit are higher in calories than vegetables, due mostly to their sugar content. However, they make a healthy addition to the HCG diet food list, incorporated into the daily calorie limit.

  • Medium strawberries (about 20): 80 calories
  • Large strawberries (about 12): 72 calories
  • Small apple: 55 calories
  • Medium apple: 72 calories
  • Large apple: 110 calories
  • Navel orange: 69 calories
  • Florida orange: 65 calories
  • Pink California grapefruit: 92 calories
  • Pink Florida grapefruit: 74 calories


Most bread is high in carbohydrates, so very little will be eaten on the HCG diet plan! That’s okay; a few varieties are acceptable.

  • Melba toast: 12 calories
  • Grissini breadstick: 12 calories


Enjoyed without sugar or milk, tea and coffee are fat free and contains a small number of calories. Caffeine also increases your energy level and may suppress the appetite. Other beverages ideal for a HCG diet food list are lemon juice (from one fresh lemon per day) and, of course, water (normal or mineral). Drinks can be sweetened without sugar by using natural sweeteners like stevia or saccharin.

Remember: fish is rich in protein, contains no carbohydrates and is also very low in calories or fat.

Fish fillets are ideal for every diet, as it will help you overcome one of the most important risks of low calorie income: short attention span. As fish is rich in phosphorus, your memory and attention span will be highly improved. Moreover, celery and spinach are known to be low in calories, as well as an important source of nutrients, such as vitamins and iron.

Tea is a highly recommended beverage for dieters; however, avoid using sugar as a sweetener. Remember to always consume fruits and vegetables while they’re fresh!

Have a look at the HCG diet food list whenever you run out of ideas!


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