Are These 8 HCG Side Effects In Women Dangerous?

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Although there are many known HCG side effects in women, not all of them should be a reason to panic. Every organism is different and may react to the HCG diet in its own way, especially when it comes to women and men. Therefore, if three women in an online community forum are complaining about hair loss or muscle pain after injecting HCG, this doesn’t mean the same side effects will occur in your case. Some women might experience side effects, whereas others might not.

The most common side effect most women encounter is weakness. This shouldn’t be worrying, as the daily intake in HCG diets should be around 500 calories, which is about four times less than the recommended calorie budget for an adult. It is natural to feel weak. Just try to rest and avoid demanding activities (this includes stressful work, jogging etc.) until your organism gets used to the new intake.

Dry skin, hair loss and constipation are also a consequence of low calorie diets, since your organism is getting fewer nutrients (a lower quantity of food) than it used to.

Moreover, pregnancy symptoms are also among the most common HCG side effects in women. This is because HCG is a pregnancy hormone itself, and it may cause your body to produce more estrogen than usual. This can also result in breast enlargement or fluid retention. Fluid retention is also responsible for swelling.

HCG diets can also mess with your hormone levels, and this is a pretty dangerous risk. However, there are different ways to prevent this. Therefore, you should always see a doctor and get your blood tests done before starting an HCG diet.

What’s more, since HCG causes a massive release of estrogen and is also used as an infertility treatment, the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome may occur. This complication can have extremely dangerous consequences and its symptoms must not be ignored:

  • excessive thirst
  • nausea
  • frequent urination (or no urination at all in severe cases)
  • breathing distress
  • chest pain
  • abdominal pain
  • abdominal bloating
  • vomiting

In most cases, side effects make one change his mind about a certain diet or medicine. No one says HCG is dangerous or to be avoided. Just like any other hormonal or chemical form of treatment, it must not be abused. If you feel HCG side effects in women jeopardize your health in any way, pay a visit to your doctor immediately in order to receive professional assistance and decide if you should stop the treatment.


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