What You Need to Know About Quinoa Recipes that Will Optimize your Health

  • Lose over a pound a day!

Quinoa (pronounced “keen-wah”) is a unique little grain that’s been rapidly growing in popularity in recent times — but in fact, quinoa recipes have a history that is thousands of years old, going back to the time of the Incas. The quinoa harvested today has been growing in South America for 5000 years.

Technically not quite a grain or cereal, the tiny, pale quinoa “grains” are edible seeds. Quinoa is truly unique in the food world, which is why its been gaining popularity in Western culture; nutritionally, quinoa has incredible value. It has a high protein content (12-18%) and is a good source of lysine, dietary fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, riboflavin and iron, as well as phytonutrients, antioxidants and more.

What makes quinoa particularly special, however, is how the body absorbs it. Quinoa has a balanced set of 9 amino acids, the body’s building blocks. That means it’s a complete protein; one 3.5oz serving contains 14g of protein! It’s gluten-free, easy to digest, and being low on the glycemic index, it doesn’t cause blood sugar to spike.

Quinoa is easy to prepare, although looks can be deceiving if you’re not used to the odd-looking seeds that turn translucent when you cook them. First, rinse the quinoa under running water — if it turns soapy, that’s okay. Simply rinse until it disappears. A delicious alternative to rice, quinoa is cooked the same way: two cups of water per one cup quinoa, simmered for about 15 minutes.

Easy Quinoa Recipes


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Tropical Quinoa Salad

  • pack a nutritional punch by adding black beans, cubed fresh mango, diced cucumber, shallots, lime juice, salt, pepper and cilantro to cooked quinoa and cooling in the fridge.

Healthy Quinoa Breakfast

  • try warm quinoa with raisins, nuts, goji berries, almond milk and/or your favorite natural sweetener for a powerful breakfast.

Quinoa can be adapted to a variety of diets, from vegan to low calorie.

Those on the HCG diet especially find benefit with quinoa because it makes you feel full longer while delivering a full spectrum of nutrients to the body, ideal for low calorie diets. Its properties improve energy metabolism, which can help HCG dieters feel more energized, and it can help prevent gallstones — a possible side effect of the HCG diet.

Because women — especially over 40 — often need significant amounts of iron and protein, quinoa recipes are ideal.


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